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Soul-making is what happens when we evoke the emotions and experiences—of crisis and opportunity, of love and dying—that give life a deeper meaning. For over 30 years, psychiatrist and spiritual director, Troy Caldwell, has been a shepherd of souls in the making. He has walked with many through their crises, opportunites, loves, and deaths.  The patterns arising from such dramas help us discover the deeper meaning that we all seek. Insights from depth psychology and spiritual formation enable us to better form our own souls.  Join Dr. Caldwell on this fascinating journey!

Troy is a seasoned shepherd of the soul. His wise weaving of scripture, prayer, and holy listening has given me strength for the journey. If you’re longing to experience the fine texture of soul care, start reading Adventures in Soulmaking today.

Jonathan R. Bailey, Chairman of the Board of Renovaré, entrepreneur


Reading this made God seem more real by giving me a comprehensive mental image of my Soul. This was an enjoyable and fairly easy read, but included many insightful stories that greatly enhanced my understanding of the unconscious and expanded my previous simplistic notions.

L.O., spiritual directee, IT professional


I have known Dr. Caldwell for many years.  If there is anyone who can speak to the journey of the soul it is he.  This has been his interest, love, and passion for decades. Enjoy and be enriched by this book and the expansion of your soul that  results from reading it! 

J.H., Certified Spiritual Director, church leader


Troy's spiritual leadership and insights have proved invaluable to me. I have learned that knowing God is not merely a process of learning Biblical text.  The Holy Spirit is very much present and available to bring the presence of God beyond the sacred page.

A.E., spiritual directee, attorney

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